Vu Thi Dao, Pham Ngoc Hung, Viet-Ha Nguyen

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This paper proposes an automated test cases generation method from sequence diagrams, class diagrams, and object constraint language. The method supports UML 2.0 sequence diagrams including eight kinds of combined fragments describing control flow of systems. Test cases are generated with respect to the given concurrency coverage criteria. With strong concurrency coverage, generating exhaustive test cases for all concurrent interleaving sequences is exponential in size. The key idea of this method is to create selection of
possible test scenarios in special case of exploring the message sequence with their possible interleaving in parallel or weak sequencing fragments. Test data for testing loop fragments are also generated. We implemented a tool to automate the proposed method and studied its feasibility and eectiveness. Experimental results show that the method can generate test cases on demand to satisfy a given concurrency coverage criterion and can detect up to 74.5% of seeded faults.