Toan The Tang, Tran Minh Nguyen, Giang Truong Vu Bang

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This paper proposes a feeding networking to gain low sidelobe levels for microstrip linear antenna arrays. The procedure to design a feeding network using Chebyshev weighting method will be proposed and presented. As a demonstration, a feeding network for 8×1 elements linear array with Chebyshev distribution weights (preset sidelobe level of -25 dB) has been designed. An unequal T-junction power divider has been applied in designing the feeding network to guarantee the output powers the same as Chebyshev weights. The obtained results of the amplitudes at each output port have been validated with theory data. The phases of output signals are almost equal at all ports. The proposed feeding network, therefore, can be a good candidate for constructing a low sidelobe level linear array antenna.