Le Thanh Xuyen, Le Trung Thanh, Dinh Van Viet, Tran Quoc Long, Nguyen Linh Trung, Nguyen Duc Thuan

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In the clinical diagnosis of epilepsy using electroencephalogram (EEG) data, an accurate automatic epileptic spikes  detection system is highly useful and  meaningful in that the conventional manual process is not only very tedious and time-consuming, but also subjective since it depends on the knowledge and experience of the doctors. In this paper, motivated by significant advantages and lots of achieved successes of deep learning in  data mining, we apply Deep Belief Network (DBN), which is one of the breakthrough models laid the foundation for deep learning, to detect epileptic spikes in EEG data. It is really useful in practice because the promising quality evaluation of the spike detection system is higher than $90$\%.  In particular, to construct  accurate detection model for non-spikes and spikes, a new set of detailed features of epileptic spikes is proposed. These features were then fed to the DBN which is modified from a generative model into a discriminative model to aim at classification accuracy. The experiment results indicate that it is possible to use deep learning models for epileptic spike detection with very high performance in item of sensitivity, selectivity, specificity and accuracy  92.82%,  97.83% , 96.41%, and 96.87%, respectively.