Hai Thanh Dang, Thanh Dai Nguyen, Minh Trang Thi Pham, Cuong Cao Dang, Phuc Kim Hoang, Son Bao Pham, Vinh Sy Le, Quang Sy Le, Hang Thi Thu Phan, Dong Duc Do, Duc Huu Nguyen

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We present some preliminary results on the whole genome analysis of an anonymous Kinh Vietnamese (KHV) individual that was deeply sequenced to 34-fold using the Illumina sequencing technology. The sequenced genome covered 99.85% of the human reference genome (GRCh37). We discovered (1) 3408825 single polymorphism nucleotides (SNPs) of which 41396 (1.2%) were novel, (2) 654024 short indels of which 35263 (5.4%) were novel, i.e. not present in the dbSNP and 1000 genomes project databases. We also detected 10611 large SVs (the length  ≥ 100bp) of  four types, i.e. large indels (90.6%), the inter-chromosomal translocations (3.1%), the inversions (3.4%) and the intra-chromosomal translocations (2.9%). This study is our initial step toward large-scale projects on Vietnamese population.